SPR Spreader

Fransgård’s spreaders are available in five sizes. The spreaders are well-suited for spreading coarse sand, and coarse sand mixed with salt, fine gravel, crushed granite, etc. The SPR-250 spreader is wheel-driven and therefore only spreads when driven. The SPR-250H is hydraulically operated. Neither model is self-loading. The SPR-350/800/1000/1500 spreaders are all hydraulically operated, self-loading and delivered in a lacquered or galvanised finish.


Spreader SPR-250
Spreader SPR-250H
Spreader SPR-350
Spreader SPR-350GA
Spreader SPR-800
Spreader SPR-800GA
Spreader SPR-1000
Spreader SPR-1000GA
Spreader SPR-1500
Spreader SPR-1500GA


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